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Andrew Frame Has New App That Emphasizes For Warned is Good For Health And Safety

CEO Andrew Frame founded Citizen App in 2017. Citizen is the first app designed with you and your family’s safety in mind. Andrew Frame was born in Las Vegas in 1980. When he was 15, Andrew Frame founded his first company that was an internet service provider company. The internet service provider company was soon followed by Ooma. Frame founded the consumer telecommunications company in 2004.

Mr. Frame was 17 when he was employed as a network engineer at Cisco Systems. In time, Frame was recruited to the Global Center of Expertise where he had an architectural position. Frame is the youngest person to hold the dual CCIE certification.

Since this past March, Citizen apps have doubled in the number of downloads. Citizen is like a police station in a CB radio. The modern app gathers local reports about nearby criminal activity and the locations to avoid. The Citizen app has a COVID-19 tracking device to keep people well. Citizen alerts people of fires, weather hazards, and protests in addition to criminal acts. Andrew Frame believes that the top two thing people read is not knowing what’s going on and knowing what’s going to happen. People who want to be in top of what is happening in their area, will to use the Citizen app.

It’s not a crime to send people alerts to inform them of possible danger. Frame did some consumer research about the Citizen app. Frame spoke to the checker in a local supermarket. The female checker told Andrew Frame that she’s and her family escaped a fire. If it wasn’t for Citizen, many people might have been injured or lost their lives. No suspect’s name has been entered into the app. Frame says that Citizens enhanced services and offers should be introduced soon in New York City and beyond. See this article to learn more.


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