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Charles Wigoder Has Helped Utilities Warehouse Rise To New Heights

All companies begin as an idea. For one company, this idea was and is to find ways to help people save money. Utilities Warehouse is one of the hottest brands in the United Kingdom. Over half a million people in Britain have chosen to partner with them. That’s because they know they can turn to Utilities Warehouse to help them find ways to save money on the bills they have to pay anyway. Bills for utilities, broadband and insurance can add up to hundreds of dollars every single month. Making it possible to save on these bills is where Utilities Warehouse can be of vast service. Utilities Warehouse is one company that gets that people are tired of being stuck floundering in a sea of bills with no way out. That’s why founder Charles Wigoder has stepped into the breach. It all began with an idea he had over a decade ago. 

The Start 

Utilities Warehouse has seen tremendous growth. Charles Wigoder became part of the team at Telecom Plus in 1998. He worked hard with the ultimate intention of getting the company listed on the London Stock Exchange. He was successful in this task in the end. As part of his vision, he knew that it was possible to help people find ways to save money. The net result was the founding of Utilities Warehouse. The company aimed at the residential market in the United Kingdom. This large market continues to be a space where others at Utilities Warehouse knew they could make a difference. In the process, he and all those who have given their time and attention to Utilities Warehouse have helped people save money on the things they pay for each month. Charles Wigoder continues to serve the public in his role as company chairman.