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ClassDojo – Building a Brand for EdTech

In its first breakthrough year since founding in 2011, tech startup ClassDojo is recording record profits from its recent turnout of premium content to its teacher and parent customer base. As a platform for educational content and communication between parents and educators, ClassDojo persists in the particular market of educational technology. Marketing to school districts who contend with tight budgets and fighting for appeal with free community learning sites made for a rough start that tested the commitment of its staff and founders. Co-founder Sam Chaudhary credits the energy each engineer brought as the company’s lean strategy put individual engineers in charge of large pools of users.

The commitment paid off, especially as Covid 19 forced a complete overhaul of child learning and technology for primary lesson structuring. The positive response to earlier monetization of Play School, an add-on of ClassDojo services whose success inspired the following round of venture funding. Investors like capitalist Josh Buckley of Product Hunt noted the likelihood of ClassDojo as an entry round for venture capital in the surging tech market with the lockdown emphasizing remote learning and accompanying technology.

For their part, Chaudbury highlights the familiarity their users established with their brand and services and the reliance that influenced many to lean more on ClassDojo’s instructional platform when conventional schooling was made unavailable. With the funding from capital investors, the company leads plan to increase their working team, expand the product range, and branch out to other markets for their platform and service structure.

Recently, the company has looked to redefine and specialize its offerings by developing content based on less structured educational topics and more emotional based. Following the Big Idea video series, young users learn how to empathize and track life skills. In doing so, the company looks to function more as a service that promotes family connection and a loyal following with its subscriber base.

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