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Grants Assist Helps Business and Nonprofits Grab Funding Opportunities

Securing a grant can help in making your dream of growing your business come true. The Australian government distributes billions of dollars to eligible commercial and non-profit organizations. However, the process is quite competitive. To obtain grants successfully, one has to write an application and submit it when the funding is available. Grant Assist is an organization that helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits secure grants offered by the government to promote growth and innovation. Grant Assist, founded in June 2018, provides its client with consultations on the application process and offers grant application writing services. It also has a helpful database that helps users to find relevant grants by applying filters and categories.

Grant Assist understands that starting or expanding an existing business is not easy. Most entrepreneurs give up within two years after falling into debt or because of cash flow issues. As such, organizations must grab any opportunity presented by support systems. The government provides financial incentives and grants to reduce problems related to raising capital and to allow business owners to focus on growing their business.

Most people do not understand how to apply for small business loans, how they work, or how to use them. Grants are offered in terms of money or incentives, but you will not need to pay them back, unlike loans. Though grant sizes usually fall within the $5000 to $500000 range, some businesses are exempted from the limit if it has an innovative idea with the potential to benefit the economy. Grant Assist helps review a company to determine the type of grant that suits it best.

With more than 600 different funding programs available in Australia, navigating through the grant space to find the right grant, meeting the eligibility requirements, applying for it, and submitting it can be deterring. Grant Assist has specialized consultants that point businesses in the right direction for an easy and smooth process.