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How Alejandro Betancourt Helped Hawkers Co. Succeed

Alejandro Betancourt is a business investor known for having a large role in the success of Hawkers Co., a company that specializes in California sunglasses. He provided them with not only insight in how to handle and invest money, but also run a successful business. According to the article on BBN times written by Daniel Hall, Alejandro Betancourt used social media as a tool to get the word out about the business’s products to consumers. By using Instagram and getting well-known influencers to express their love for Hawkers to their audience, Betancourt was able to sell sunglasses all over the world.

After their success on social media, the founders of Hawkers wanted to expand their market and manufacture their own sunglasses. According to the article on Tycoon Story, Alejandro Betancourt led the company to create their own eco-friendly brand of sunglasses. Making them from “responsible materials and sustainable packaging”, the glasses were catered to the younger demographic as global warming becomes more prevalent in recent years.

The continuous success of Hawkers Co. is greatly due to Alejandro Betancourt’s forward-thinking and using his business experience to predict and adapt to trends. He knows how to find opportunities to market the products of the businesses he oversees. Not only that, but he also pushes for strong “transparency” when it comes to his marketing strategies. If there were any issues regarding a product a customer wants or is in the process of receiving, they are always kept informed which helps the companies maintain “goodwill and return business.”

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