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James Gutierrez Offers Unique Solutions to Improve Low-Income Situations

As a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and father of six, James Gutierrez has expanded his focus to what according to him is a growing concern among the American population: the increasing poverty in America. He has partnered with top entrepreneurs, activists, and donors to create the Opportunity Project, which promotes philanthropy to advance opportunity for the underserved. The Opportunity Project aims to raise $3 billion to help close the wealth gap by 2025. So far, the Opportunity Project has raised $775 million. James Gutierrez has initiated programs, spearheaded by the programs team, to fight poverty directly. “If the money is there, we can leverage it,” he says.

Working on the Editorial, Writing, and Art Departments at a national magazine, James was able to see first-hand the complexities of creating affordable housing. The empty lots, funky buildings, and decrepit warehouses he would encounter, convinced him that there is nothing out there that works for the average, struggling renter. Starting a company out of a college class after seeing the glaring lack of options for renters, James went on to design and operate his housing authority. Here he put his desire to change the system into action. He and his team provided the average household with housing, with the biggest goal being to break the homelessness, poverty, and hunger.

By overcoming these divides, Gutierrez argues that we can build a more inclusive society. The struggles and challenges that people face today with issues like low-income housing, food insecurity, health care, criminal justice, and education, are akin to the situations faced by the 99 percent. He says that by solving these issues, we can help raise the general quality of life for all Americans, especially those living at the bottom of the wealth distribution. James Gutierrez has worked extensively with public schools and elementary schools. Gutierrez’s mantra to his assistants is to find an answer that is attainable for wealth gap problems. James Gutierrez believes the disparities in wealth are the result of things like consumer debt, student loan debt, and the debt burdens imposed by medical costs and saving for retirement.

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