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 Parent Initiative Leads to Higher Success Rate with Students

Covid made everyone aware of just how important communication truly is. Students, teachers and parents were faced with issues they have never been faced with before. Most of the issue was based on what form of communication between the parents, and teachers would help the students continue on a path of success. Effective teacher and parent communication helps to ensure a child is getting the feedback they need to progress forward. It also helps the student understand they have a team that is working together to help them along their educational path.

ClassDojo is a platform that stepped up in the middle of the pandemic to ensure parents and teachers were able to communicate effectively. In fact, it was used in ninety-five percent of U.S. schools and has established over fifty million users. On the platform teachers are able to share lessons, assign classwork, reach out to parents and showcase the students work. ClassDojo is a great tool to help parents, teachers and students to collaborate. By having this platform, parents are able to see what their child is having the most issues with. This way, the teacher can provide details and the parent can also help them in their home environment. The teachers can also share what the student is doing well.

ClassDojo has been able to increase its numbers significantly. They were able to fill the communication gap between teachers and parents. They were able to get free users to become subscribers in record numbers. It is beneficial for platforms to have the technology to allow parents and teachers to communicate.

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