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Professor Swan’s Approach to Online Trading Academy

Professor Peter Swan and Online Trading Academy challenge the common-sense perception that most investors and retail traders in the UK generally lose money from online trading. Through a series of interactive videos, Professor Swan challenges the myth that the principle of buying low and selling high is unbreakable. The Professor first explains why investing in shares online is so popular with ordinary people, then goes on to explain why common sense should always be followed even when trading shares online, and finally discusses why using a reputable online trading education platform is a must for all investors wishing to become involved in online share trading. You will leave this website with the belief that there is only one way to lose money online and by listening to Professor Swan’s exciting analysis you will be armed with the knowledge to beat any investment that may stand in your way!

Many traditional academics have tried and failed to provide an online trading education system, so if it is not failing, what is it doing that allows it to achieve such high success amongst investors? The Professor identifies three main factors as being key to online investment success: a focus on high risk/reward investments, the use of complex mathematical algorithms to identify investment opportunities, and a willingness to accept that losses are part of learning. Following these principles, and using an online trading academy that provides excellent mentoring and educational support will ensure that all investors who sign up for the Professor’s investment plan will be able to follow it successfully to the end!

Finally, we can examine whether Professor Swan’s claims about the impossibility of his model are actually based on reality. First, he rightly points out that the returns on his original set of rules are almost certainly not as high as they would have been through the use of a conventional set of rules. His eight-year-old self certainly would have had a different approach and probably foreseen this potential downside to his original methodology. However, Professor Swan has pointed out other important disadvantages to his original system, which he attributes to his inexperience: the widespread of his rules, and the need for him to constantly revise them, both of which have resulted in many areas of his life being affected negatively over the years. Inevitably, this has had a negative impact on his personal life, but he attributes this to the discipline required by his academic career. He has now developed a highly successful methodology, which he believes is the foundation on which all future investment strategies should be based… his online trading academy.

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