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Richard DeVaul’s Insights On Innovation

Richard DeVaul is an American innovation scientist. He has immense experience in academic, corporate, and technical areas due to his keen focus on redefining innovation. As an innovator, he has led many projects, including X Development, that continue to generate good returns. Consequently, he desires to impart the mindset of innovation and leadership to other people.

His obsession with innovation has helped him be recognized as an innovation consultant by many companies. Often, DeVaul helps companies and CEOs to redefine innovation, especially by distinguishing it from creation. Besides, he encourages a shift in mindset from the current order to an entirely new order. He holds that Kodak’s failure to renew its innovation strategies caused its collapse.

DeVaul believes that a correct understanding of innovation will help companies and business leaders to make the right investment decisions. Since innovation comes with immense change, the outstanding innovator suggests that one can react to it, drive it, or get overwhelmed by the change. Consequently, the only wrong incident is being overwhelmed. Therefore, a good strategy is essential to avoid failure.

Richard DeVaul denies the idea that innovation is similar to the improvement of the existing structures. He argues that it is a radical change. Besides, reformulation of organizational structures and sacrifice of immediate comfort is likely to cause future success. Although it is associated with reasonable risks, it will finally translate to enormous success.

Additionally, DeVaul sites that the market of a company that does not embrace change will eventually be disrupted. Therefore, embracing the offensive approach rather than the defensive approach is the best recommendation. However, the business’ nature must be incremental. DeVaul cites the example of Bulova, a company that failed to foresee the impact of its innovation strategy.

Therefore, DeVaul encourages potential innovators to understand the topic well before any venture. Additionally, he advises innovators to decide on the best strategy before plunging into innovation. See this page on Twitter, for related information.

He is an innovation enthusiast who works as a research scientist. Before he worked for X Development, the entrepreneur helped advanced technology employed at Apple. He led the tech advancement team at Apple. With this role, DeVaul was in charge of investigating approaches, features, and technologies. He obtained a Ph.D. and M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab. Since then, he has been leading change in the field of innovation. Consequently, his zeal has garnered him more than 70 United States patents.


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