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San Francisco Giants Owner and CEO Larry Baer

Larry Baer is one of the most recognized team owner and executives in professional sports. Today, he serves as the owner and chief executive officer of the San Francisco Giants. For over two decades, Larry has excelled as the SF Giants CEO. As the Giants CEO, Larry has helped the team become one of the most valuable and profitable in the entire league.

Along with helping the team attain financial and business success, the Giants CEO has also been involved in helping the team become one of the most successful on the field. Under his leadership, the Giants have been able to win three World Series championships. During this past season, the team regained its status as a top contender by winning a franchise record 107 games, winning their division and making the postseason.

Ever since joining the Giants, the SF Giants CEO has made a significant impact on the team. When he was beginning his stint with the team, the Giants were on the verge of relocating to Tampa, Florida. In an effort to keep the Giants in San Francisco, Larry put together a deal to build a new stadium for the team.

Under his supervision, the Giants made a deal with the city to construct the first privately financed ballpark in the league. By the year 2000, the AT&T Park was built and began operating. Since the ballpark opened, it has been one of the most popular as it routinely sells out many games. This has helped the team’s bottom line during the past two decades and contributed to the team’s high value.

As well as being a key contributor to the success of the SF Giants, Larry has also been involved in helping the community. In recent years, Larry has made an effort to contribute to social justice causes. He has looked to push for more equality and fair treatment of others in the local Bay Area as well as other communities throughout the nation. With his efforts, Larry hopes to make the world a better place for everyone. Visit this page on LinkedIn, for related information.


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