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Sparkasse Bank Malta Recap

Sparkasse Bank Malta plc is a private company headquartered in Sliema, Malta. It is licensed to conduct banking business and provide investment services by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Sparkasse Bank Malta has a board of directors made up of the Managing Director, Directors of the Group, and Senior Finance & Reporting Officer. This Board oversees the bank’s governance and controls. The Board also sets policies and procedures.

The Sparkasse Bank Malta plc was established in Malta in 2000. It is owned by Anteilsverwaltungssparkasse Schwaz, a corporate entity established in Austria. The subsidiary is Sparkasse (Holdings) Malte Limited, the bank’s main shareholder. The bank is regulated under the Financial Services Act and the Investment Services Act of the European Union.

The Board of Directors of Sparkasse Bank Malta plc comprises nine members, each of whom plays a role. The Managing Director appoints senior management roles after consulting with fellow Directors. The Board of Trustees oversees the bank’s support functions and internal controls. The Company Secretary advises the Board on governance and compliance matters and ensures that it adheres to procedures. This Board is staffed by an experienced team of professionals committed to its shareholders’ needs.

The Chairman of the Board leads the Board of Directors of Sparkasse Bank Malta plc. The Managing Director leads the Board and manages the bank’s business. In addition, the bank is staffed by several other employees, including the Managing Director and the Chief Executive Officer. The Managing Director of Sparkasse Bank Malta is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations. So far, the Board is composed of three members: a Chairman of the Board, a Managing Vice President, and a Managing Director.

The Chairman of the Group leads the Board of Directors of Sparkasse Bank Malta plc. The Managing Director manages the bank’s operations. The company is headquartered in Malta. Its Board of directors comprises four members, each of whom has a specific role. The CEO and the Managing Director are responsible for the company’s strategy and performance. Aside from their responsibilities, they also manage the bank’s reputation.

Another aspect of the Bank of Malta’s strategy is to support non-profit voluntary organizations in the Maltese culture. The bank supports organizations that preserve Maltese heritage, such as the Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti. These non-profit organizations depend on donations and volunteer work to restore and protect the cultural heritage of Malta. In 2016, the bank sponsored the restoration of a Mattia Preti painting in Sarria Church. The company also confirmed sponsorship of the restoration of St. Michael the Archangel at Sarria Church. Read more about Sparkasse Bank Malta