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Vik Bansal is the CEO of Cleanaway, which is involved in waste management. The company devoted its time to ensure waste is not a problem but a resource in Australia. The firm converted waste to a resource that could change commodities with value in different areas, including all sectors, industries, and communities. The company injections provide the country waste management firm the assurance to invest in infrastructure and innovation.

Vik Bansal and the company Cleanaway in anything they engage in, consider sustainability, and investing in infrastructure essential to the country. Bansal also revealed a new recycling facility in Albury that has been constructed responsibly for processing almost 28000 tons of plastic.

The figure compares to 900 million plastic bottles that are supposed to be recycled and used as raw materials for beverage packaging and manufacturing food. The Albury facility is backed with a grant from the Environment Trust since the facility is among the NSW Governments, like waste less and recycle more initiatives sponsored by the waste levy.

Despite Vik Bansal’s contributions to Cleanaway when he was CEO. He has leadership roles. He was a leader in various organizations, including One Steel leadership limited and Eaton corporation; he holds a senior position. Vik was also CEO and president of Valmont Industries Inc. Valmont among the best engineering and manufacturing industry globally.

Besides all this, Vik Bansal is also recognized in National Waste and Recycling Industry since he is a member. Indeed, he worked hard in school to hold such pivotal roles in different organizations.

Australia faced challenges involving waste and recycling problems like other parts of the world. Australia is motivated by Cleanaway’s recycled wastes to their benefit as Australia took recycling of waste as a chance to innovate new solutions. The country financed its local waste industry. Australia did the new solutions to create an impact on society and a more sustainable future. See this page for more information.


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