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Wisdom, Talent, Passion, and Visionary are Traits That Have Simplified Laura Rea Dickey's Journey To Success

Laura, the fourth CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue restaurant, has had a fascinating career journey that inspires many, especially ladies who think it is only men who make it in life. Following her graduation in 2001 from the Texas Christian University, she joined the job-haunt club. She left the club within a short period after getting a job with a prominent marketing company, Murray Brown Creating Group. Due to her expertise, she was advantaged and used to move from one big marketing firm to the next, working with big brands like La Madeleine, Chick-Fil-A, W Hotels, Blue Mesa, and the American Heart Association.

Due to her richness in marketing experience and deep knowledge in information technologies, his husband Roland Dickey Jr, CEO of Dickey’s Capital Group, brought her in as a consultant to help in formalizing Dickey’s Barbecue’s operational system, especially communications, marketing, IT, Inventory, sales, and research. Amazed by how fast she revolutionized the company’s operations, with her allowance, Roland Jr absorbed her fully so that he could tap on everything she could offer. Unlike other people who could take advantage of their position in the name that their husband is the CEO, Laura Rea Dickey was and is very professional and works hard, contributing substantially to achieving its short-term and long-term goals.

The Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants’ exponential growth can hugely be credited to Laura Dickey’s prowess in garnering insights from collected and analyzed data. This couldn’t be done manually; Laura masterminded the Smokestack development that became the company’s life-changer. After its establishment, it birthed expansive growth within five years; owned locations exceeding four hundred and currently has more than 550 “babies” in the US and beyond; all under the parent company, Dickey’s Capital Group, manned by Roland.

Coincidentally, history has repeated itself: Travis Dickey managed the barbecue with his wife, and his grandson is running with Laura, his life partner. To prove that he trusts his wife’s ability, Roland placed Laura Rea in charge of developing the firm’s first global location and the other two.