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Andrew Frame: Entrepreneur And Founder Of Citizen

Andrew Frame is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Citizen, a startup company transforming how we document our lives. Andrew was born in Cornwall, England, and raised in Boston, MA, attending Brown University. He graduated with degrees in both Computer Science and Political Science before working as a software engineer at Google.

After two years working for Google, Andrew left to attend Harvard Business School. Upon graduating from HBS with his MBA, Andrew took a job as Associate General Counsel for Facebook, where he helped negotiate acquisitions such as Instagram and Oculus VR before leaving after one year to pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

The Citizen App allows users to keep all of their data in one place and share it as they choose. It also enables them to monitor how companies use their information, request the removal or correction of inaccurate data, and even erase it if desired. The company has received $ million in funding from investors such as Founders Fund and Highland Capital Partners.

Andrew Frame is excited by the potential for his business model to create a better future for individuals who want more control over their digital lives while still enjoying online services like social media apps that connect people across countries and cultures. Andrew Frame recognizes that we live in an era where many different companies collect our information, but he believes there’s room for everyone because everyone knows themselves best, which is why he created the Citizen app.

Andrew Frame is also an avid reader of books about philosophy, psychology, business strategy, technology trends, and economics, which influence how he runs his company. He plays tennis in his spare time as well as surfing when possible. Andrew has lived both in America, where it’s most common for people to have multiple homes but also likes living abroad because it gives him a chance to immerse himself more deeply within different cultures. Visit this page for related information.


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