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Asot Michael Leading at Antigua & Barbuda

Asot Anthony Michael is a member of the parliament and was born in Guadalupe, in the French West Indies, in December 21,1969. His name is carried from his grandfather who had passed away due to a heart attack. He graduated from St. Joseph’s Academy in St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda and achieved his high school Diploma in 1986. In the same year Asot Michael went to Cambridge and received his ‘O’ Level GCE Certificate and passed six subjects. The following year he attended Barry University and achieved his BS Degree, graduating in May 1989 with his Honors.


In Business Administration with a double major in Finance and Economics. Went on to be on the Dean’s list twice and the President’s list once. Then in the following year 1990 to 1991 went to the University of Miami, and then achieved his MBA degree U.M.Graduate School of Business on the Dean’s list. Asot Michael has so many achievements and is known for most of them. He is smart and very hardworking and he is currently working six jobs so you can see the determination (Facebook).


He is a Minister of investment and trade at Antigua and Barbuda. He is a Minister of Tourism, he does Economic Development, Investment and Energy at Antigua and Barbuda, and is the Co-Founder and CEO at Asot’s Arcade. Asot Michael is the leading definition of a True Activist. He’s had 5 past jobs including, Senator, and Leader of Government Business in the Upper House of Parliament at Antigua and Barbuda. Asot Anthony Michael is a very strong willed, independent, hardworking man who is very strong willed. When he is determined to get something done he achieves it without hesitation. He is a representation of a true activist and currently 47 articles have been written about him. He is unstoppable and takes the world by storm.

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