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Don Manifold Starts Working on the Following Skill

Don Manifold had been the Adelaide office managing partner for almost a decade and had never been laid off or downsized. Advice for people in the same situation as Don Manifold is to stop relying on their job to provide meaning for their life and instead find other ways to make themselves feel fulfilled outside of work. As a managing partner of Adelaide Law Firm, he has held a position of power and authority for over a decade.

He does this by learning complex skills such as carpentry, working at an organic farm, and developing his furniture style. With all these outlets, he’s satisfied with his life in a way that nobody else can take away from him because the skill is something that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Don Manifold works on one thing at a time and never rushes ahead until he is fully competent. It’s like an obsession with his skills because they are so vital to him that it makes him feel happier every time he progresses. Don Manifold is doing this because being around people who are not as bright as he has always made him feel inadequate, so instead of keeping up around intelligent people, he chooses to work on only the skills that can be perfected.

He starts working on the following skill after his previous one is mastered. He wants to ensure that what he produces will be done right and will last forever. He doesn’t even think about making a profit; all he wants to do is give people what they want. He works on his skills so often that it becomes a work of art, and when he finally gives someone his work, they will not only be delighted, but they’ll never want anything else.

After five years of being lonely while managing the farm with his wife, they start working on another project: a church made out of the mud. At first, they question its feasibility, but after achieving it, they realize that the knowledge gained from this experience is like nothing else they’ve ever experienced. They decide to call their organization The Mud Church Family Trust and begin sharing this new way of life worldwide.

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