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Dr. Alddo Molinar Possesses The Necessary Skills To Assist Others With Their Battle Against Cancer

A person does not just become a doctor, according to Alddo Molinar; you must have the capacity and desire to help those who are suffering. This is something that generally happens at an early age. His ability to work with his hands and mend things was noted at a young age, but it wasn’t until he saw what cancer caused to his grandparents and the suffering he saw his grandmother go through that he realized that being a doctor was his calling. Dr. Alddo Molinar is an anesthesiologist physician at the East Ohio Regional Hospital and the Ohio Valley Medical Center, respectively.


Alddo Molinar


The medical practitioner was born and bred in Texas, the oldest son of two Mexican immigrants. He was the first American citizen in his entire family, and he intended to take advantage of the opportunities made available by his family’s new homeland. It was evident from an early age that the future specialized anesthesiologist could live up to such intentions. Alddo Molinar’s ability to learn new things came naturally to him as he grew up. He surpassed his contemporaries in achieving several learning goals. Early mechanical talents prompted him to take on increasingly difficult endeavors, dismantling and reconstructing things to better understand how they worked.

After witnessing his grandmother struggle and finally succumb to such a malignant disease as pancreatic cancer when he was only a child, his calling became even clearer. He began his quest to become a doctor when he was old enough to put all of his abilities and ambitions into action. Dr. Alddo Molinar got his bachelor’s degree in biology from Trinity University and then went on to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. There he received his medical degree and finished his studies in anesthesiology and critical care medicine. After twelve years of practicing anesthesiology and critical care medicine, Dr. Alddo Molinar says that being a doctor is still a work in progress. That journey is based on principles he learned as a child and which continue to guide him on his road to self-improvement. It also inspires him to keep looking for new methods to aid people through other specializations, including technology, to keep fighting the disease.