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Future Technology Predictions from Entrepreneur Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an Internet entrepreneur that’s built quite a reputation for himself when it comes to being able to predict trends in future technology. Not only has he earned an MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business, but he’s also involved in a substantial amount of charity work as well. Jason Hope has several guidelines that he follows that have never led him wrong when it comes to success. Let’s look at a few future technology predictions from Jason Hope.


The Internet of Things


Jason Hope


The Internet of Things is a fancy way of describing things that are connected to the Internet. These days this doesn’t only include computers and smart devices, but also other devices that can be operated with an Internet connection such as televisions, and other technology. Jason Hope predicted the IoT long before others caught on, and says that it will only continue growing. He also predicts that it will especially take hold in the healthcare sector, increasing longevity and the overall quality of people’s lives.


Philanthropy and Anti-Aging

Speaking of longevity, Jason Hope has also contributed greatly to this field through donations to the SENS Research Foundation. SENS research is heavily focused on dealing with diseases and ailments that are caused by aging, naturally making it a good fit for Jason Hope who sees great potential in this industry. SENS is also developing rejuvenation biotechnologies as well. This is something else that Jason Hope is supportive of. In the end, Jason Hope’s business and philanthropic activities intersect quite a bit. While he knows that anti-aging technology is a wise business investment, he also knows just how important it will be in the future when it comes to improving the lives of those who need it the most. Jason Hope plans to continue being on the cutting-edge of innovation when it comes to this field of technology.