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Greg Blatt’s Top Tips For Creating A Successful Startup

Greg Blatt has been listed to spearhead some of the fastest growing companies. Greg received the 2014 National Human Relations Award, ranked the #1 Best Corporate Citizen in Brooklyn-by-Brooklyn Business Journal, and was recognized by the National Association of Black Accountants for career achievement. Greg Blatt is a widely-recognized leader within his field.

Among many responsibilities, he served as the head of Tribeca Enterprises and as the president of The Tribeca Film Festival. He has also held directorships in such companies as ESPN, A&E, and New York’s prominent Upper West Side Subway Company. Additionally, he has successfully conceived a multitude of public and private programs which continue to create change in a variety of economic, social, and cultural spheres.

When Greg Blatt was still in college, Blatt had little knowledge about technology and even less ability to make use of it. After graduating college and also taking a post-graduate degree at the New York University, Blatt returned to New York to go into corporate law. A chance encounter at a business cocktail party with former Playboy bunny, Candy Crowley, changed everything for Greg Blatt. The two had worked in the same office and Crowley told Blatt that he would make a great mentor and he did just that.

With her insight and leadership advice, Blatt began to find success. Before he was blessed with a career that was as promising as his own, Blatt had some trials and tribulations that were a constant hurdle on the path to success. Greg Blatt started his career with a modest net worth of $5,000. His first two positions were as an attorney and as a bond trader.

In 1993, he made a bold move to leave his job as an attorney and move to California to start a media company with his partner.

But when the company came to a standstill, Blatt couldn’t make ends meet and was forced to look for work elsewhere. He then went on to work for Ernst & Young, helping them to set up a software department within their business. During this period, he managed to save $50,000 in just one year. Visit this page for related information.


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