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How Leonid Radvinsky Is Helping Fund the Open Source Movement

Leonid Radvinsky

Leonid Radvinsky, a technology visionary, continues to fund the open source movement through his charity, the LR Foundation, and through his use of the technology. Leonid Radvinsky uses the programming language Elixir for most of his projects. His new foundation funds projects and organizations that are dedicated to expanding technological accessibility, nourishing the newest generation of developers, and fostering collaboration on a global scale.

Radvinsky has been supporting open source projects for more than a decade. He supports the free digital initiatives because they generate products that are accessible and adaptable and because they make good business sense. The term open source applies to software that allows users to examine and suggest changes to its source code.

In addition to Elixir, Radvinsky also supported the transition of the B4X language from a proprietary tool to an open source model back in 2010. He continues to support B4X and Elixir through the LR Foundation. He supports other projects through the foundation, as well. These include Pleroma, a distributed social network and microblogging service, FediApp, one app for all social communities, and Give Ethereum, which uses the cryptocurrency Ether for the social good.

Radvinsky is seeking to support other projects and has established a rigorous evaluation process for grant applicants.

Radvinsky has spent more than $3 million so far to support open source technology and empower the community surrounding it.

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