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Jonas Lauren Norr is a Norwegian-American Film Director

Jonas Lauren Norr is a Norwegian-American film director. He is famous for his animated works and long-form documentary projects. He is one of the many artists who were part of the “Laika” studio’s crew in the early 2000s and helped create what would become Laika’s later output – including Coraline. He left Laika after finishing Coraline and was working as a freelance director for other studios such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Fox, and Universal.

His parents were members of the Norwegian Resistance during World War II and later came to America as refugees. There they started a successful furniture company called NorForm. They became very wealthy, earning enough money to buy several large houses downtown Portland.

His Achievements

  1. His first significant film project was The Boondocks, which he is most famous for. The Boondocks was released in 2005, and it was released on DVD in 2006. He did something exciting with this film. Instead of making the film traditionally, he made it in Flash. Even though each frame would take about 10 hours to render, it only took him about a year to complete the project. He had used Flash for commercials before but never for a full-length animated movie. After completing the project, he did not continue to make more animations in Flash because it was becoming outdated, and there were newer software options (such as After Effects).
  2. His next project was The Box, which was released in 2009. Unlike The Boondocks, this movie did not take very long to make. It took him about a year and a half to complete the animation, and he only needed about $50,000 to finance the entire project. He said that because he had made The Boondocks in Flash and The Box in After Effects also used for TV commercials, it would be hard for him to use Flash for his next animated film.
  3. Jonas Lauren Nor’s latest film is called Coraline. It is based on Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name. It was released in 2009 and was also made in After Effects. He had been working on this project since the beginning of 2006. In an interview, he said he is not very good at drawing characters, so Coraline is one of his few big projects with many characters (the other animations had simple backgrounds or only one or two characters). He also said that this project had given him an excuse to make a stop-motion film because his previous animations did not really need complicated stop-motion animation techniques. He used Puppet Tool software to help animate the thousands of puppets needed for Coraline.

 Jonas Lauren Norr has made all of his films without any significant issues. The Boondocks was somewhat tricky to make, as it was the first time he had tried making an animated film in Flash. But he had no problems with the other two films he made before Coraline. He enjoys working with stop-motion animation because it is a challenge that forces him to learn new things to overcome obstacles and allows him to be more creative in his work.