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Laura McQuade Paves the Way for a More Happier and More Secure Future for New Yorkers

The march of history is in many ways synonymous with a search for happiness, health and security. As we look through historical records we also tend to notice one important fact. All of these qualities tend to be linked with singular figures. These are the people who’ve provided the leadership and guidance needed to ensure people have secure futures. And one of the latest examples of this phenomenon can be seen in Laura McQuade’s work with Planned Parenthood.

Laura McQuade began the project with a single goal. She wanted to take disparate elements and combine them into a single medical service under the Planned Parenthood banner. In order to accomplish this task, she’d need to effectively merge five different affiliates into what would become known as Planned Parenthood of Greater New York.

One of the interesting aspects of this merger stems from the fact that multiple locations are involved. We can see impressive geographical coverage from 28 different health centers. We often forget that geography places considerable limitations on people’s ability to receive proper healthcare. A potential patient needs to be able to account for not only the duration of an appointment but travel time to and from there as well. This often makes it quite difficult for people to get time off from work to get the attention they deserve. But with 28 health centers and over 900 employees, patients can be sure that they’ll have a convenient location nearby.

We can also see McQuade’s impressive strategic sensibilities at play with the merger. Negotiating power is an essential part of any organization. It’s important for healthcare-related organizations to be able to leverage resources to work with other facilities. Patients often need referrals, or resources, from other institutions. Laura McQuade created a central point of communication for Planned Parenthood through Planned Parenthood of Greater New York.

By considering all of these points we can see just what a historic accomplishment Laura McQuade has been able to make. Her efforts are a huge help to Planned Parenthood in general. By creating Planned Parenthood of Greater New York McQuade has been able to provide happiness and security for hundreds of thousands of people. It’s little wonder that she’s often called one of the most powerful women in New York.

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