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Reasons Why IM Academy Is The Best Foreign Exchange Training Institution

IM Academy started operating nine years ago. The founders of the reputable institution wanted to offer a better training strategy that could help students develop useful skills that could assist them through their trading careers. Today, IM Academy offers training to over 200,000 users.

Its personnel recruitment strategy has enabled a significant percentage of the academy’s success. The company has been using the remote working model that allowed trainers to offer their services from different locations. That has enabled the trainers to continue offering their services when there are movement restrictions to prevent the spread of the prevailing pandemic.

IM Academy offers its training through four different training programs. Students can choose and purchase their preferred program through the academy’s website. However, they have the option of studying two or three courses simultaneously instead of taking one at a time. When they do that, they get a 54% discount on their initial subscription and 48% when they subscribe monthly.

IM trainers offer their sessions through the internet. The sessions happen at different times depending on the time zones in different continents. Besides, they teach in different languages to enable all the students to understand what they teach. Each goLive session lasts for about 60 minutes. During that time, IM trainers handle one topic and then give the students a chance to ask questions about the day’s topic.

IM trainers also record their training sessions for students who can’t attend the live sessions. Students can access the recordings through the academy’s app using their mobile devices. That enables them to continue learning even after the cancellation of their subscription.

Trainers offer a quiz at the end of each session, where students answer questions covering the day’s topic. That enables the trainers to know whether the learners have understood the topic. If they realize that students have challenges understanding a particular subject, they organize another session on the same subject to clearly understand the topic. Go here for related Information.


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