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Robert Kraft’s Plan For The 2026 World Cup

Robert Kraft is a renowned businessman in the United States who invests in sports, real estate development, and entertainment. Through the Kraft Group, a diversified holding company where he serves as the CEO and chairman, he has transformed the American business landscape. Born on June 15, 1941, in Massachusetts, Robert Kraft had an interest in business, which made him pursue MBA at Harvard University.

As an American Football fanatic, he bought Schaefer Stadium and proceeded to invest heavily in sports. Currently, he owns the Gillette Stadium, where his two holdings, New England Patriots and New England Revolution, play. His desire to transform the sports world has not stopped, as he plans to bring the 2026 World Cup to Gillette Stadium.

Despite hosting a world game at Foxboro Stadium in 1994, Robert Kraft has drafted a plan to do the same in 2026. However, this time the venue is Gillette Stadium, one of his known holdings. He has presented his plans to FIFA officials and has demonstrated commitment to making changes to make the venue suitable for a World Cup game. One of his plans to make Gillette Stadium a suitable venue for the 2026 World Cup is installing a real tuff. In addition, he plans to get rid of the synthetic surface and remove sideline seating to create more space for the real turf.

Even though redesigning the stadium’s infrastructure would be expensive, he believes that the expected revenue will cover the cost. Robert Kraft to make millions through television audiences if FIFA approves his plan to host six matches. Gillette Stadium is among the 17 stadiums that are being considered to fill the 11 remaining slots, partly attributed to his honorary status. Since a structural design is likely to reduce the capacity of Gillette Stadium, he is looking to convince FIFA to compromise on the dimensions. Read this article for additional information.


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