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Smart Branding Insights From CEO Krishen Iyer

Many Chief Brand Officers will focus their efforts on communicating what their brand is to their base. However, this is the wrong approach according to Krishen Iyer, CEO of MAIS Consulting. Instead of focusing on what your brand is, he explains that you should instead focus on who it is. The reason for this is that focusing on who instead of what allows a business to develop a brand personality that will better connect with its demographic.


Personalization and Confidence


Two key factors in developing a brand personality are personalization and confidence, explains Krishen Iyer. Personalization is important for developing a strong relationship with customers since they want to feel special when interacting with a brand. To this end, a brand needs to make sure that it shows its customers that it is invested in them each time they interact with it. Confidence is important in all aspects of life, and that applies to building a brand as well. Krishen Iyer says that a brand must show customers that it is self-assured and ready to handle anything. If a brand doesn’t have confidence in itself, then why should anyone else?


Strong Calls to Action


As any copywriter will tell you, marketing without a strong call to action will kill conversion rates, and Krishen Iyer has a similar mindset. He stated that being direct is the key to moving potential customers through the sales funnel, and towards an eventual sale. He also said that this goes hand in hand with both communication and confidence and that a brand should not be afraid to sell.


Krishen Iyer Bio

Founder of multiple companies and currently the CEO of MAIS Consulting strategic business growth firm, the successful entrepreneur is an avid businessman and philanthropist. Krishen Iyer graduated from San Diego State University and worked in the insurance industry before beginning his entrepreneurial ways. He currently resides in Encinitas, California in the US.