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The Storied Career of Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal Makes for Good Stories

If anyone has an incredible array of life experiences to draw upon to write a best-selling book, it’s Miki Agrawal. She wrote not one, but two top sellers. In her books, she draws upon her experience as a serially successful entrepreneur, a former professional athlete, a successful restaurateur and as the inventor of a better kind of toilet. All that and she’s a wife, mom and a community activist with a bent for philanthropy.

Those who know Miki Agrawal use words to describe her that include “disrupter,” “brilliant,” “creative” and in possession of a “restless mind” that tends to see opportunities where others do not. Take toilet paper, for example. Miki Agrawal was not a fan. For one thing, millions of trees need to die every year to make bathroom tissue – 15 million trees per year, to be exact. Furthermore, Agrawal came to believe there had to be a better way to “get clean” than by using the fluffy paper product.

It was also a health issue for her. Problems with a hyperthyroid condition created certain issues. She discovered that a bidet –- the popular kind of toilet in Europe that sprays one’s bottom and other parts with a stream of cleansing water -– was a superior way to get bathroom time done.

She invented her own product and created a new company. That would be TUSHY, launched in 2013. The basic idea behind TUSHY was to create an attachable device to an ordinary American flush toilet and transform it into an effective bidet. Tushy is a simple-to-install “box” that deploys about a pint of water per flush. It gets the bathroom user clean while saving trees by drastically reducing how much toilet paper is used. TUSHY began turning a profit in just two years. As of 2021, the product has found a wider market. Agrawal is now ready to take her product from an eCommerce platform to retail.