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Why Tieks Values Creativity In Its Operations

Today, startup organizations are struggling to have an impact on the entire business sector. There have been some major challenges that have been facing such organizations, which explain why it has been very hard for such businesses to accomplish their objectives in the market. Generally, there is no business that can accomplish its objectives without having a unique trait that makes it different from other organizations in the market.

In the market today, Tieks has already proven to be very unique and different organization. This is a company that has been trying hard to come up with some unique successful strategies that other organizations have been missing. Those who have already witnessed the success of the company indicate that this is the only startup business that understands some of the basic approaches that make it different from other businesses in the same industry.

Tieks is a company that understands how to approach the market while at the same time being an innovative organization that has always endeavored towards taking creativity to another level. Businesses tend to operate using a single operational idea that makes them different from other organizations in the market. That is why it has been very hard for such businesses to achieve consistent success in their operations in the market. Successful businesses are those that have been able to emerge with some unique techniques of succeeding in the business environment.

Having business creativity in the operations of the business is not an easier organizational undertaking that companies have to handle. It is something that has affected how such businesses have been adopting as they continue to penetrate into the market. Tieks believes that introducing creativity in the operations of the business is not an easier undertaking. However, it is a complex undertaking that such companies have to consider in their operations.

During the pandemic, they initiated the Operation #SewTogether campaign, which significantly impacted PPE to the healthcare workers and community at large. The campaign utilized social media as a viable tool to encourage its followers and fans to unite with the company’s staff and bring forth a myriad of face masks to vitally important healthcare workers. Sure, the company’s fans and customers played a crucial role in spreading the campaign to see the company achieve its goal of sewing and donating over one million masks across the country. Like their page Facebook for additional information.


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